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has always been committed to providing the best systems and solutions to businesses. Since we founded our company in 1991, we have been working on delivering avant-garde, integrated solutions in order to safeguard sustainability. To maintain this promise, we partnered with the best suppliers and invested in high-end trainings. With over 120 highly skilled professionals dedicated to serving our clients, we’ve become a recognized industry leader in the Middle East and Africa, garnering more than 100 vendor and industry awards over the past two decades. Today, we are at the forefront of solution design, solution integration, project management, maintenance and operations.

  • With a higher demand on productivity and quality, most businesses today rely on technology to become more efficient and more effective. In parallel, technology has given us more connectivity, more capabilities and therefore more expectations. We promise to meet those expectations.
  • Our culture made it possible for us to build long-term relationships founded on trust and transparency with customers and suppliers. Our strong values gave customers a reason to believe that we will always be at their service with the best in mind. This value awarded us the success that led to the opening of other branches around the world, namely in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Ethiopia.
  • Businesses have become more and more reliant on IT for solutions that will enhance their strategies and objectives. As a result, technological infrastructures have become a valuable asset.
  • We have been providing answers to businesses since 1991. Our solutions give our customers a constant competitive advantage.
Solutions Provider
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Collaboration Technologies Solutions
  • Network and System Infrastructure Solutions
  • IT Security Solutions
  • Backup Solutions and DR